Popping lids

Apples put to bed, the children’s voice distant. Rattle-tap, rattle-tap go the busy bottles until the gas dies. Then silence. Lids popping, shutters snapping closed on another summer. CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING


Eyes and ears wide open, bums on hard wood, bodies twitching.  Silver fish and the words washing like water. The rattle of medals. The mic listing in the waxy hand. The years unwound. Sisters grown into women. Not fallen, but dead. CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING

The Way West is the Way East

http://www.curiaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Kidd_Monica_The-Way-West-is-the-East.mp3   This piece is a documentary I produced for The Herd Doc Challenge, the brainchild of Alberta audiophiles Megan Clark and Sarah Hoyles (theherddocs.tumblr.com). They laid out three rules: to make a three-minute audio work that relates to the theme of trails, mentions a cardinal direction, and uses at least one archival sound or…

Spring Thaw

Box the crates of rejection letters, and stash them in the drip line. Ball up the sticky notes and stuff them in your cheeks. Shred the divorce papers, the receipts from houses ago. Stop at the top of the stairs by her meaty fist, years since you circled it with your fingers; years, as the…


thirty-three and a third times round, the needle in the groove hiccups with the freeze-thaw of another trip round the sun. no names here, only the raucous jumble of ages.   eat your heart out, springsteen. CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING

Chandler & Price

Sage advice if it were true. But five years out and the world full of stalkers & critics & ex-husbands with strong opinions on week-end show hosts and god know what else flotsam sitting righteously before their radios and I am quite prepared for this to be a good day to to die. If only…